Cruises and cabinmates

Cruises and cabinmates

Group for men into cruises, and looking for cabinmates!


Our Carnival Mardi Gras maiden voyage got canceled (fourth try!!) and the first cruise now available won't be for a month or two after the new "maiden". So we're going to just blow that one off (it was at a LARGE premium for the maiden voyage... Show more

I've now got three cruises booked... total 6 weeks...
** Nov 13-Dec 4, MSC Seaview, Genoa Italy-Fort de France Martinique.... $940.50+460 taxes/fees per person (lots of ports! 14!)
** Jan 2-9, MSC Meraviglia, Port Canaveral to MSC private island, 2...
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Our Carnival Mardi Gras maiden voyage has been postponed and is currently scheduled for July 3, 2021....

Clayton and I are currently booked on the (currently) maiden voyage of the new Carnival Mardi Gras... leaving June 5, 2021 from Port Canaveral, FL... (the week before has just been canceled, and I eect this one probably will be canceled too,... Show more

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Currently have two cruises booked for 2021... I eect one or both will be canceled... but maybe something later this year, or spring 2022?

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Several friends are coming to Dallas for Texas Bear RoundUp... then in April, starting (if all goes according to plan!) on an amazing round-the-world trip involving 6-1/2 weeks of cruises on four different ships... Miami to Copenhagen (3 weeks, MSC... Show more

gep2 ...on Norwegian Jewel. Trip includes 2 nights in each of Copenhagen, Paris, Tokyo, Honolulu, Vancouver, Anchorage, and Seattle...! And visits to... Show more 1 year ago

Have disembarked Costa Favolosa and presently am in Fort-de-France, Martinique... will be flying back to Dallas on Wednesday. Looks like I'll be doing something like 8 more weeks of cruises in 2020! It will be my "cruisingest" year yet! Anyone want to... Show more

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Am currently on Costa Favolosa, most of the way across the Atlantic Ocean... we arrive in Barbados on Thursday and then disembark Friday in Martinique, where we'll be spending five days unwinding before returning home to Dallas...! It has been a... Show more

Go to Youtube and check out "MSC Meraviglia", that's the ship!!

Just booked a freakin' AMAZING cruise deal!! Want to be my cabinmate? 13 nights to the Caribbean... leaves NYC Oct 28th, arrives Miami Nov 10th... visits 7 GREAT ports... I have a balcony cabin, just $399++ per person, double occupancy!! That's a... Show more

I'm intrigued by a 34-day (!!) cruise on Holland America "Amsterdam"... Vancouver to San Diego, with travel down the west coast, as far down as Lima, Peru! $2202(++), which is not bad at all for almost 5 weeks!! Leaves Sept 24, ends on Oct. 28... Show more

I've booked a 12-night transatlantic voyage for this December... a 12-night from Marseilles, France to Fort-de-France, Martinique... Dec 1-13, 2019... on Costa Favolosa...for just $602++ per person, if I can find a cabinmate! And that's for an... Show more

gep2 I'm planning to stay 3 nights in Marseilles before embarkation and 5 nights in Martinique after disembarkation... 2 years ago

Always looking for cruise cabinmates! I usually get a cheap inside cabin, I especially like cruise 2 weeks or more (but can do week-long too). I like the cheap deals on transatlantic, transpacific, or maybe even a Panama Canal Cruise.... typically... Show more

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