So if any of you play WoW, I'm playing on the classic servers Myzrael and Atiesh. They are both West Coast PvE servers. On Myzrael I'm just in a regular build but on Atiesh I'm in a guild with other gay bears/gaymers. I'm Barrage on Myzrael and... Show more

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PS4: WiteLavender

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ive reactivated my WoW account (again lol) if a1nyone is interested, main is Greynor on Proudmoore if anyone wants to play

greynor86 ps4

xbox DABQueen is TOG

Playstation id azzuen77 neverwinter id is the me

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Xbox: tangamus

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if you want to contact others or be contacted by others, then share your gamer info hear PSN: Kuma_2327 Nintendo ID: Pandaspot Skype: Panda_2327

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Azzuen706 Am azzuen77 on ps network with a girafe as a logo. Also play neverwinter as azzuen77. Befriend me 4 years ago

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