anyone play WoW? its been a while but Im thinking of restarting again, looking for others.

Black Ops cold war... Will leave the franchise after finishing season 6. Call of duty skilled match making is destroying the gaming industry. Mind you they are among the top 3 best eSports franchises of all times. Just money greedy...

What are you all currently playing? I'm playing several things; about to finish Deathloop (which has been surprisingly great imo) and F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I'm a HUGE gamer and lover of big men. Say hello if you['d like. Enjoy discussing games and lots of other things as well, but gaming is my passion.

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Anyone else super excited for dying light 2?

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Call of duty MW and black ops 4 azzuen 77

jarias87 Xbox or what platform 2 years ago

anyone has a Nintendo Switch? i'm currently playing Fortnite. maybe soon i'll get the new Animal Crossing game and maybe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Luigi's Mansion 3 and even Pokemon Sword or Shield or even Pokemon Let's Go... Show more

jarias87 I have smash bros 2 years ago
bear4chubs awesome. maybe i'll get Super Smash Bros Ultimate and we'll have a match. 2 years ago

Anyone on switch? Currently got sucked into animal crossing (I know lol, not my typical game but kinda fun in a new kind of way haha). Anyway if anyone else is playing nor wants to play like mariokart or anything let me know, username is greynor... Show more

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PS4: WiteLavender

ive reactivated my WoW account (again lol) if a1nyone is interested, main is Greynor on Proudmoore if anyone wants to play

greynor86 ps4

xbox DABQueen is TOG

Playstation id azzuen77 neverwinter id is the me

tangamus replied to Gamer Tags 6 years ago

Xbox: tangamus

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Gamer Tags

if you want to contact others or be contacted by others, then share your gamer info hear PSN: Kuma_2327 Nintendo ID: Pandaspot Skype: Panda_2327

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Azzuen706 Am azzuen77 on ps network with a girafe as a logo. Also play neverwinter as azzuen77. Befriend me 5 years ago

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