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DaddyBearPS is friends with Rgvbvilleman

Thank you for becoming my friend! I really like your pictures and imagine that we could have some great times together doing what comes naturally

kla3114 is friends with DaddyBearPS

kla3114 is friends with Oliver

Feeling so horny. Looking for a hook up soon!

FrankRobert has liked insac's Profile yesterday

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Raph is friends with PolarBearDaddy

directionboy is friends with plange

DaddyBearPS is friends with BullStock

directionboy is friends with BullStock

directionboy is friends with chasercubby

txchub is friends with Armusbear

Hi Jack, hoping to be there thanksgiving ! hugs !

jax365 That is great!! looking forward to seeing you sexy big hugs!! 4 days ago
BullStock it will be fun ! 3 days ago

Bigballbelly is friends with BullStock

Calgandy is friends with BullStock

Hefty is friends with BullStock

Quiet night...

mick is friends with pschub

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